Attention Softball League Directors from throughout the USA

Are you tired of paying inflated team membership costs for the simple provision of a rule book and scorebook for your fastpitch, modified and slowpitch softball league teams, 95% of whom have no post-season, weekend or national tournament aspirations?

Now, for the first time, through the National Softball Federation, league directors may receive a wire bound scorebook/rulebook publication for each of their league teams for just $7.50 each plus the actual shipping and handling costs.

The rulebook/scorebook has room for 15 games and the rules are patterned after the best rules from several rulebooks.

As always, local leagues may modify the rules as long as safety is not compromised.

Leagues that purchase their rulebook/scorebook from the National Softball Federation will have a biannual opportunity to propose rule changes.

NOTE: Minnesota leagues are not eligible for above package as they must register through the MSF.